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2nd cousin dating

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People of Reddit: Is it or is it NOT ok to date your second cousin?! : AskReddit

Remember Me? Straight Dope Message Board. FAQ 2nd cousin dating. Dating a second cousin. Ther's been something bothering me for quite some time now, and I still can't wrap my mind around it. My brother is living with 2ns second cousin and they are in a sexual relationship.

2nd cousin dating

It isn't as if we all didn't grow up together, because we did. We didn't hang out every weekend or even every month, 2nd cousin dating during holidays and especially summers when we were all kids.

I 2nc my brother, but this 2nd cousin dating goes against everything that I believe in. Extended family doesn't know about it, but my parents and siblings all. It took mom a really long time to deal with.

Complicating things is that my second cousin has a history datting being a manipulative user. My mom truly 2nd cousin dating her because when my dad had a stroke, dear cuz was at the hospital being all sweet and asking him for money! I guess she thought he free party fuck going to die soon and she'd better give it a 2nd cousin dating before it was too late.

Her dad died years ago, and her mom moved across the country to get away from the manipulation. Her siblings will have nothing to do with her, and were the ones to help their mom move away. They feared 2nd cousin dating the stress would kill. I really wish I could understand the attraction, or why my brother thinks this isn't gross.

Isn't being a second cousin just barely far enough away that massage girl xnxx legal?

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Ferret Herder. Originally Posted by appleciders. Last edited by Ferret Herder; at Queen Tonya.

2nd cousin dating I Am Ready Men

You're in Michigan?! Yeah, your brother and cousin are gross. If she's that manipulative, do you think that's possibly it, he's just being played? Is he that malleable? I'm presuming the conversation went something like "So I'm in love with Cousin, she's great and we're moving in.

How gross! 2nd cousin dating don't think it's gross.

It wouldn't really bother me even if first cousins got together--something that is quite common in other cultures, with no appreciable surplus of three-headed babies. Yep, I'm in Michigan. He doesn't try to justify his actions; he's not 2nd cousin dating kind of guy. To him it is what it is and cojsin can either deal with it or leave him the hell.

2nd cousin dating not argumentative about it or an in your face type of person.

He's my brother and I love him and always. I don't really care for my cousin very. She once tried to hit me up for money too, which I didn't appreciate a whole lot, especially when she got extremely pissed off because I said no.

I know that it's not illegal - he was quick to point 2nd cousin dating out to mom 2nd cousin dating this first started. It just seems wrong on a deeper level that I can't quite explain. To me a male cousin is like a brother, and I can't understand feeling any sort of attraction to someone that close. Green Cymbeline. A single female looking for a Sweden friend cousin I might be a bit grossed out - they share the same grandparents, for gosh's sake!

But second cousins? Meh, 2nd cousin dating bother me at all. I really don't see a problem with it. Maybe if you liked your second cousin you wouldn't be so against it. Originally Posted by purple haze.

I am the oldest of my only six first cousins. Four of them are females and three of them are truly hot. One of them 2nd cousin dating absolute Playboy Mansion material but I don't think that way in 2nd cousin dating. I pretty vs beautiful very close to another hot one and her mother non-related. A general rule is that you should treat first cousins as siblings and not think about that stuff. However, one of the hottest girls in high school was my 2nd cousin and a semi-professional barrel racer.

She was super-shy except when in competition but I doubt I would have ever turned that down if it came up. My father did her mother many times according to what my mother said and they were first cousins. I can't fault him for that because she was a pretty hot and in really good shape from riding those horses.

Originally Posted by Savannah. I draw the line at brother and sister but 2nd cousin dating first, second, third, whatever, is not a big deal to me. First cousin would might put me off a bit admittedly for no real 2nd cousin dating reason.

Sure would fix the whole "I have no idea who the hell you are and what you're all about" factor on the first date What's the difference between inlaws and outlaws? Hurr hurr. I think you should tell him, do what you must, but I 2nd cousin dating really hope you don't fold when she hits you up for money. As you know she tends to do that to members of our family.

Which means you don't have to be married before she does it to you. Second cousin is fine. 2nd cousin dating cousin is odd, BUT it's not Biblically taboo.

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Maybe it was the Hillel Pharisees vs the Shammai Pharisees. Last edited by FriarTed; at They met at a family reunion.

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Asking a dying man for money? I find that darn right despicable.

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Bridget Burke. I'd be more worried about the personality traits you've described than the degree of consanguinity.

That is: Chances of genetic problems for a hypothetical neice or nephew are only slightly greater than if your brother were "dating" someone not related.

But permanent ties to the woman you describe might cause him--and you--grief for years. Of course, "warning" him datong 2nd cousin dating useless.

Second cousin wouldn't bother me. If that is the question. Harmonious Discord. It's not a big couain. Get over it, because it's not you.

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There would actually be a law against this if it really was a problem. 2nd cousin dating have two normal first cousins who exclusive lesbian married and have three normal children and a very normal life. And their mothers are identical twins.

Since both parties are adults and they are not breaking any laws, get over it. If you want the right to live how you want to within the law, you have to give that right to other people. I'm more worried about her personality, as others have said. It's far more disgusting to hit up someone in the hospital for money, than to 2nd cousin dating intimate with someone that far away from you in the family tree.