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Outdoor Retailer 2017: Editor’s Choice Gear Picks

Osprey's New UL Backpacks - The Levity and the Luna 60L and 45L

Outdoor Retailer is a trade show held every summer where gear manufacturers come together and show off the gear they plan to bring to market in the upcoming year. It’s a very social event where you get to catch up with old friends, drink a lot of beer together, and …

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Mountain Weather: Backcountry Forecasting for Hikers and Backpackers

“Mountains make their own weather.” I’ll never forget hearing that from the friend who introduced me to trip planing and accident analysis. It’s a sobering and important lesson for anyone who climbs above timberline across exposed terrain on backpacking and mountaineering trips. Written by Jeff Renner, Mountain Weather explains how …

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Ultralight Tent and Shelter Guide

Mountain Laurel Designs Cuben Fiber Duomid

Ultralight backpacking tents and shelters come in all shapes and sizes, but each type has advantages and disadvantages for different camping conditions. It’s best to understand these before you waste money on a tent or shelter that doesn’t suit your needs or comfort preferences. There are six basic types of …

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The Terrifying 25: A List of Challenging White Mountain Trails

The Terrifying 25

The Terrifying 25 is a popular list of difficult White Mountains Hiking Trails compiled by Trish Herr, the author of Up! A Mother and Daughter’s Peakbagging Adventure, for her young daughters Alex and Sage. They enjoy hiking through boulder caves, rocky scrambles, and traversing avalanche slides, which are well represented by …

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