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White Mountain Guide 30th Edition Review

White Mountain Guide 30th Edition

The Appalachian Mountain Club’s White Mountain Guide is the hiker’s bible for planning day hikes and backpacking trips in New Hampshire’s White Mountain National Forest. People come from all around the world to hike, backpack, climb and train for mountaineering expeditions in “The Whites” which are known for their rugged …

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Arkel Ultralight Dry-lite Waterproof Panniers Review

Arkel's Waterproof Dry-Lite Paniers only weigh 19 oz (per pair) and provide 28L of gear storage

Frame bags or panniers? Those are basically the two options you have for hauling your gear on bikepacking trips. If you prefer panniers, Arkel’s Waterproof Dry-Lite Saddle Bags are hard to beat. Weighing just 19 oz (540 g) per pair, they can hold 28L of gear. Specs at a Glance MSRP …

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Backpacking a Shoal Pond Lollipop

Mount Carrigan looms over Shoal Pond

As I stood there on the shore of Shoal Pond, I realized I couldn’t hear a thing. No motorcycles in the distance or helicopters flying overhead. I couldn’t hear the wind, no ducks quacking, or even the water lapping against the shore. I can’t remember the last time I’d heard …

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Appalachian Trail Sign Defacements: Help Us Stop Them

Why do people deface trail signs and scratch in the AT instead?

The Appalachian Trail would not exist if were not for the tireless efforts of volunteer trail maintainers and local clubs that maintain the trail from Georgia to Maine. Whenever I meet trail crews, volunteer trail maintainers, shelter caretakers, ridge runners, and trash picker uppers, I say hello, and thank them …

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Katabatic Gear Onni V40 65L Backpack Review

The Katabatic Gear Onni V40 65L is a durable high volume backpack made with waterproof XPac fabric

The Katabatic Gear Onni V40 65L is a 34 ounce rolltop backpack that’s designed for challenging multi-day backpacking trips. It’s made with a water-proof laminate called V40 (XPac) which is slightly heavier than cuben fiber but less expensive and more abrasion resistant. Katabatic Gear offers all of their packs in …

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