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<img class="size-full wp-image-40651" src="https://assets.sectionhiker.com/wp-content/uploads/thumbskeep/2015/01/Homemade-Ultralight-First-Aid-Kit.jpg" alt="Homemade Ultralight First Aid Kit" width="640" height="402" /> Homemade Ultralight First Aid Kit <h2>Self-Assembled First-Aid Kit</h2>
Primarily for Personal Use
Ibuprofen25Pain reliever
Immodium8Stool thickener
Benedryl10Allergic reaction relief, sleep aid
Antiseptic wipes2Wound sterilzation
Antibiotic cream2Small packets, mainly for popped blister treatment
Assorted bandages6Large ones that can be cut to size
Pre-cut Leukotape Strips6Very sticky blister prevention tape
Container of zinc oxide10.5 ounces for chafing relief
Primarily for Treating Others
Nitrile gloves2Body fluid barrier for treating other people
Aspirin8Blood thinner (for heart attack victims)
Locking safety pins2Good for improvised splints
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