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Vintage Backpacking Gear

Vintage Backpacking Gear Reviews

Vintage Backpacking Gear Reviews

It’s SectionHiker.com’s 10th anniversary this year. During that time, I’ve hiked a lot of miles and written a lot of backpacking gear reviews, including gear that could now be considered vintage, since it’s no longer made. I find it fascinating to trace the evolution of different backpacking and hiking gear …

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Montane Tigertooth Pro Glove Review

Montane Tigertooth Pro Climbing Gloves

Montane’s Tigertooth Pro Glove is a technical softshell alpine glove that provides enough dexterity, warmth and water resistance, to hold a mountaineering ice axe in the ready position in cold winter weather. The problem with most high dexterity gloves is that they don’t provide enough insulation when gripping an ice axe is …

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Zamberlan Fitz Roy Boots

Zamberlan Fitz Roy Mountaineering Boots

The Zamberlan Fitz Roy straddles the technical hiking and mountaineering boot categories. I received a pair late last winter, too late to really put them to the test for winter hiking, but I’ve been hiking in them regularly this year in late autumn, and now winter conditions, and can finally evaluate them …

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