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Ultralight Backpacking

How to Reduce the Weight of Your Consumables

How to Reduce the Weight of Consumables UL 101

The heaviest items in your backpack are water, food, and fuel. They’re called consumables because you use them up as your trip progresses, as opposed to “base weight” which measures the weight of non-consumable items like a backpack, tent, unworn clothing, a sleeping bag, and other items that you’ll carry …

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How to Sleep Under a Tarp in the Rain

The chief benefit of a tarp if the flexibility it gives you in campsite location

Tarps are a great ultralight backpacking shelter option, provided they’re used in a climate where there’s no rain or occasional rain. To clarify, I’m talking about square or rectangular tarps with or without catenary cut ridge lines and sides, and not single walled shelters like pyramids and their numerous variants. …

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